Hall Rental Policy

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The management of the hall shall be performed by a three (3) man committee. The committee
will consist of the Vice President, who shall represent the board of directors, and two (2)
members, who shall be approved by the membership.

It shall be the responsibility of this committee to approve or disapprove all events, which would
be held in the hall.

In the event that a request for the hall is denied then the committee shall document the reasons
why and submit this to the Chairman of the Board of Directors, via the Vice President.

All requests for hall rentals shall be made by the person or organization requesting the hall.

If a member is requesting the hall for another person and the member is expecting to rent the
hall for MEMBERS RATE then the member must fill out the application and the checks for the
hall rental fee as well as the security deposit must be in the name of the member not the person
renting the hall.

The proper application must be filled out, and the hall rental fee 
accompany the application in order to secure the rental date requested before the committee
approves the application.

The committee will have the power to place a limit on the number of people attending a function,
and also have the power to request that a policeman be hired with the cost being added to the
rental of the hall.


1. Any Regular, Guest or Life member of the club who is in good standing.

2. Any friend or family member of a Regular, Guest or Life member of the club who is in good
The application process shall be as stated in the section “MANAGEMENT OF THE HALL” listed
above, and all fees shall also apply.
The Rental cost to be charged shall be the same rate as a non-member. In the event that a
family member may be able to join as a Regular member of the club, they should be
encouraged to do so, but this shall not have any bearing on the rental of the hall, except for the
pricing structure.

3. Any outside organization or group wishing to rent the hall for a function may do so but the
pricing structure shall be in accordance with the rates charged to “NON-MEMBERS” or


1. Any Regular, Guest, or Life member may have full use of the kitchen with no additional
charge. The member must provide all details to the hall rental committee, and the committee
must approve the plans.

2. Any non-member, organization, or group may use the kitchen but only to prepare light items.
(i.e. heat up meatballs, light appetizers, prepare pastry trays, etc…) Full use of the kitchen
maybe allowed but only provided that all details are given to the hall rental committee and such
committee approves of the plans. If full use of the kitchen is approved by the hall rental
committee (i.e.: preparing a full meal on the premises) then a fee of one hundred dollars
($100.00) shall be charged for use of the kitchen.

3. Full use of the kitchen will be allowed when a person or organization who rents the hall has
hired a commercial caterer to serve a meal. Such plans will have to be approved by the Hall
Rental Committee. If the hall rental committee approves full use of the kitchen (i.e.: caterer
prepares the full meal on the premises, nothing brought in pre-cooked) then a fee of one
hundred dollars ($100.00) shall be charged for use of the kitchen.

4. NO CLUB UTENSILS of any kind will be provided for use to anyone who rents the hall. This
applies to members as well as non-members.

5. The hall rental committee shall ensure that any caterer who uses the kitchen shall have a
copy of their INSURANCE POLICY on file with the club. If the caterer does not have any
INSURANCE then the Board of Directors must be notified via the Vice President and approval
must be had by the board before the caterer is allowed to use the premises.


1. Should any additional janitorial effort be required the janitor’s wages shall be deducted from
the Security Deposit.

2. Any Regular, Guest or Life member who is celebrating their 50th anniversary may have the
hall rented for them with no charge. The application to rent the hall for such an event may be
presented to the Hall Rental Committee by a family member or friend. The only fee which will be
required will be the janitorial fee. Should a bar be requested the cost of the Bartender will be
bore by the club.

3. Once this procedure is approved by the membership, any changes to this procedure shall be
made as follows.

A. The requested change must be submitted in writing to the Chairman of The Board of

B. The Board of Directors shall act on the request and shall vote on the request, then that vote
shall be presented to the members and the members by a majority vote shall decide. Upon
approval or disapproval by a majority vote of the members, the change shall be in effect or be

4. When the hall is rented by a group or organization, No outside Advertising may occur unless
the contents of the advertising has been approved by the Hall Rental Committee.